Who pays too much tax? Probably not you

Put ten Australians in a room and ask them if they pay too much tax and you’re likely to find everyone agreeing, “why yes, I do pay too much tax.” None of us likes paying tax, but are we really paying too much? Here are three ways you can answer that question. How much should… Continue Reading

Deceiving Refugees. Is Peter Dutton Lying or Just Incredibly Naive?

This must surely rank as one of the biggest porkies ever told by a government department. In a letter to refugees detained on Nauru and published by the Guardian, the Department of Immigration and Border Protection says The opportunity to settle in Cambodia is now available to you. The first flight from Nauru to Cambodia… Continue Reading

Why I Support Halal Certification

For some time I have heard assertions that fees paid for halal certification on food are being used to fund terrorism. The ABC recently ran a fact check that exposed this as untrue. Muslim diets require that certain foods be prepared in certain ways. Halal certification identifies food products that meet these requirements. This benefits… Continue Reading

Are we the world’s stingiest nation?

Never before has an Australian government made cuts to the international aid program like those made by the Abbott government. The argument goes that we can’t afford to borrow money in order to give it away. We first need to deal with our debt crisis, and then we can afford to give more. A friend… Continue Reading

Easter and the pulling on of socks

Until my Parkinson’s progressed I never realised what a fine art it is pulling on a pair of socks. I always thought the challenge would be things such as tying up my shoelaces, but it appears that pulling on socks requires fine motor skills that are more sophisticated than those of tying shoelaces. The Easter… Continue Reading

The kingdom of Christ or the kingdom of Rome?

Jesus came to Israel proclaiming a kingdom founded on faith, grace and love and was executed by a kingdom founded on idolatry (the Roman emperor was worshipped as a god), violence (Roman armies had conquered the world and rebellion was ruthlessly crushed) and state-interest (Rome stripped conquered countries of their wealth). Roman crucifixions were intentionally… Continue Reading