We are a nation that abuses children. The ugly truth exposed

+-*This week our Prime Minister promised that good governance would begin again. Perhaps he could start by releasing children from detention on Nauru. Also released this week was the report of the Human Rights Commission inquiry into children held in detention. It is sobering and disturbing reading. The report found that: 34% of children in…Continue Reading

Why Tony Abbott Should be Replaced

+-*Whether or not Tony Abbott is deposed as PM this morning, his position is surely terminal. At least I hope so, for under Abbott’s leadership we do not have a Liberal Party, we have a Conservative party. Conservatives, as the name implies, believe in conserving the existing structures in society. If change is to occur…Continue Reading

Did I Just Leave Jesus Hungry?

+-*It’s early evening in Phnom Penh, Cambodia. I walk through bustling streets. Hundreds of motorbikes whir by, punctuated by the presence of motor cars and trucks. The sidewalks are crowded. The sounds of car horns, chatter, laughter, music and hawkers combine to form a cacophony of life. This is a post-conflict nation that is making…Continue Reading

When doing nothing is doing everything

+-*Yesterday was a day spent with my son. We played a closely fought set of table tennis, went for a swim during which we threw a football back and forth, duelled with with water pistols, and experimented with lying on the bottom of the pool. In the late afternoon we went to the cinema, picked…Continue Reading

Living inside an echo chamber

+-*I heard a talk last year by the managing director of the ABC, Mark Scott, in which he described the contemporary media landscape as a series of echo chambers.  With so many sources of news available to them, people simply select those that reflect back to them what they already believe. Rather than being challenged…Continue Reading

If pornography is so bad,
why does the Bible give us the Song of Songs?

+-*Christianity has a reputation for being prudish about sexual desire. Yet the Old Testament contains an extended erotic love poem in which two lovers anticipate their lovemaking. From the outset it is dripping with sexual desire: “Let him kiss me with the kisses of his mouth–for your love is more delightful than wine… Take me…Continue Reading

Why Churches Should Be a Safe Place for LGBT Oriented People to Come Out

+-*Young people who are same-sex attracted (SSA) experience victimisation, harassment and abuse because of their sexual identity. Those who are open about their sexuality frequently experience abuse and rejection by family and friends. Consequently they do not feel safe about ‘coming-out’ and instead prefer to keep their feelings hidden. This silence can lead to self-harming…Continue Reading