Is Marcus Borg a Christian?

One of the most helpful books I’ve read in recent years is a short popular work by the Jesus scholar Marcus Borg. Titled Meeting Jesus Again for the First Time, Borg describes his shift away from the conservative faith of his childhood to a fresh engagement with Jesus. I found myself excited by the Jesus he…Continue Reading

A Prayer for the Middle East

Loving God, we know that both your tender compassion and your fierce anger are aroused by what is occurring today in Syria, Iraq, Israel, Gaza, and other parts of the world where people are wounded and displaced by political violence. Our hearts long for peace, that full-bodied peace pictured in the Scriptures in which warfare…Continue Reading

The New Bigotry

In recent weeks Facebook has been filled with anti-Muslim diatribes. They all share the conviction that there is only one form of Islam in the world, that it aims at the imposition of islamic law on all people, and is not afraid to resort to violence to achieve this objective. Anyone who is a committed…Continue Reading

Celebration and sorrow. Two keys to a life well lived

There’s an interesting episode in the Gospels where a woman brings a jar of expensive perfume, cracks it open and pours it upon Jesus. His followers, who have caught his concern for those living in poverty, grow indignant, protesting to the woman that the perfume could have been sold and the money given to those who…Continue Reading

Enough of the hate. It’s time for love.

I’ve had enough of people who say they are followers of Jesus yet act with hate. This week brought the distressing news that the Westboro Baptist church plans to picket Robin Williams funeral. Believe it or not, the church’s website address is The homepage includes a list of “sister” sites:;; and…Continue Reading

Face to face with a great white shark

Today I found myself face to face with one of the greatest predators on earth: the great white shark. I was there by choice. All my life I have been fascinated by sharks, and I have dreamt for years of joining in a great white shark dive. So I found myself in Port Lincoln South…Continue Reading

Why I need to dance like a crazy man

Last week I was reminded of a delightful anecdote from Dr Paul Brand, the medico who did revolutionary work on leprosy. Brand, who grew up in India, was sent to boarding school in England at the age of nine. When he was fourteen he received a telegram telling him that his father had died. The young…Continue Reading