The Company Jesus Keeps. An Easter Reflection

It said that you can tell a lot about a person by the company they keep. If that’s true what does the Gospel story tell us about Jesus? The Gospels announce him as Israel’s long awaited King, yet he’s not born in a palace, hailed glorious by the nobility, but among cattle and goats and… Continue Reading

Who are the happiest people in the world?

Upon their return from countries with high levels of poverty I often hear people say “they might be poor, but they seem so much happier than us.” It’s a comforting thought for those of us who live with great wealth. But it’s not true. The 2016 World Happiness Report has just been released and it… Continue Reading

The Barbarians are at the Gates. On finding moral courage

Finally, some sanity. I have spent the last week in the US, where there is wall to wall coverage of the presidential primaries, most of it dominated by reporting and analysis of the Trump campaign. This morning I woke to a retired general pointing out that the military are not the plaything of the President,… Continue Reading

Help this artist bring his work to life

I’ve never done a promo on my blog, but I’m making an exception for a kickstarter crowdfunding campaign for a project by Michael Henderson, a gifted artist and pastor. Michael is creating a series of 16 paintings on aspects of the human experience of life, the beauty and struggles of this experience, using familiar events… Continue Reading

Donald Trump, hubris, and making America great again

Like many people I’m shaking my head in bewilderment at the rise of Donald Trump to lead the Republican candidacy for the Presidency of the United States. What strikes me as particularly jarring is his campaign slogan that he will “make America great again”. It strikes me as bizarre that people who live in the… Continue Reading

Time to Tell the Positive Stories About Muslims

I have a friend who is a pastor in one of the most fundamentally Islamic parts of Indonesia. A few years back he was in Australia for a conference when news broke of an outbreak of violence against Christians in his hometown. Churches were being burned to the ground and an angry mob was bent… Continue Reading