• I appreciate your occasional talks at gbc, where my Japanese wife and I have been going (& enjoy meeting your mum Barb!) since immigrating to Australia in 2001, as well as your books – I gave ScoMo upon his PM appointment my copy of your “A Beautiful World” saying we are praying for him and a more self-sacrificial nation, and now I see your sensible post at


    No reply yet but ScoMo did send a letter back when I dropped off Tim Keller “Generous Justice” when appointed Immigration Minister (& he kept that book) so we can live in hope!

    All blessings

  • Hi Rev. Higgins,

    I have read your blog for several years now. I found it while I was a college student, and your insights on how to live out your faith in trying times were helpful to me, as I went through the loss of my older brother. Your writing on how to analyze and interpret the Bible were very helpful in developing my own faith as well. Thank you so much for your writings. I hope and pray you are doing well during this pandemic.

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