Are we all falling victim to conspiracy theories?

Last week the Guardian online published a disturbing article under the headline "I'm an Artic researcher. Donald Trump is deleting my citations". The author noted that links to research on climate change on US government websites no longer worked, and expressed...

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Life Skills for an Age of Populist Rage

Populism is everywhere at the minute. It's particularly pronounced in the rise of Trumpism and Hansonism, but is found on the left, the right and the centre whenever people seek to win over an audience with arguments that confirm the fears, biases and prejudices...

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We Need a Reality Check on Energy Prices

Rising energy prices have become a cause of widespread complaint and are cited as a reason we need to cling coal-powered electricity.   As far as I can tell all the anxiety around rising electricity prices is way out of proportion to reality. First, our electricity...

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The problem with conservatism

I guess in the end, protecting what we cherish is why I am a conservative. The Left like to portray conservatives as doddery old fools opposed to modernity. But as its very heart, conservatism believes there are things in life, values and institutions, worth...

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Trumpaggeddon? America has always acted in its own interests

Amid all the gloomy predictions that Trumpaggeddon is upon us, I wonder if the Trump presidency has simply laid bare the reality of American power that usually hides behind the mask of the USA’s founding mythologies. The founding mythologies insist that America is...

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I’ve Just Published A Book. This is What It’s About.

I released a short book today, A Beautiful World. Reframing our Relationship to Creation.  It's just four chapters and 70 pages long, plus a study guide at the back. The aim is for it to be short enough that a pastor could  comfortably  build a sermon around each...

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Challenges for the Church #3. Homosexuality

The week before Christmas I purchased Two Views On Homosexuality, The Bible And The Church (Zondervan, 2016), a book that brings together four authors who discuss the place of homosexuality in the church. The editor, Preston Sprinkle, notes that This book is the first...

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