Trumpaggeddon? America has always acted in its own interests

Amid all the gloomy predictions that Trumpaggeddon is upon us, I wonder if the Trump presidency has simply laid bare the reality of American power that usually hides behind the mask of the USA’s founding mythologies. The founding mythologies insist that America is...

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I’ve Just Published A Book. This is What It’s About.

I released a short book today, A Beautiful World. Reframing our Relationship to Creation.  It's just four chapters and 70 pages long, plus a study guide at the back. The aim is for it to be short enough that a pastor could  comfortably  build a sermon around each...

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Challenges for the Church #3. Homosexuality

The week before Christmas I purchased Two Views On Homosexuality, The Bible And The Church (Zondervan, 2016), a book that brings together four authors who discuss the place of homosexuality in the church. The editor, Preston Sprinkle, notes that This book is the first...

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Challenges for the Church #1. The Decline of God in Australia

We are witnessing a dramatic decline in belief in God in Australia. Since 1991 the number of Australians who believe in God has declined from 78% to 55%. When this is broken down on by age is evident that young people are growing up in a world that they experience as devoid of belief in God.

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Finally Some Good News on Refugees

The Federal Government today announced it had reached an agreement with the United States to resettle refugees on Manus Island and Nauru in the US. This is incredibly welcome news. The indefinite detention of refugees drove them to despair and hopelessness. Now they...

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America, what have you done?

From all the reports I've read Donald Trump won the Presidency because people wanted a change from the insider politics of Washington. The more offensive he was, the more bigoted and misogynist his public statements, the more he turned his back on mainstream policies....

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