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I’ve never done a promo on my blog, but I’m making an exception for a kickstarter crowdfunding campaign for a project by Michael Henderson, a gifted artist and pastor.

Michael is creating a series of 16 paintings on aspects of the human experience of life, the beauty and struggles of this experience, using familiar events from the Bible. He writes

Painting may seem redundant in an Instagram era, but I believe it can create pauses in life, and offer distillations of subjects rather than unconnected snapshots. Figure painting especially. A series of paintings hung in a space and invested with connected meaning has great power to get people to stop, contemplate, and wrestle with the meaning. This is what I am aiming for with this series: to powerfully reveal aspects of the human experience of life, using familiar events from the Christian Bible, to help people to stop and engage with the things of God for themselves.

But here is where the paintings have added meaning. I often find that when I have a conversation about God, it feels like squeezing into a cluttered room. The conversation is full of other people’s old junk and arguments, and if God is in there I never seem to find him. My big aim with this series is to give people space, both physical and mental space, like a sparsely furnished room, where they can sit and have a conversation with God and feel like they have freedom to expand into the room, to not be told what to think but have space to bring themselves as the explore God.

Once these paintings are produced I plan to give them away to a non-profit organisation, one who shares my vision to provide that space to explore the things of God.

Check it out at Kickstarter

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