Sometimes I feel like the luckiest man in the world


We are sitting side by side on a flight to Brisbane. Ours was the first flight out this morning, which meant we were up at 4am. Sandy dozes beside me and I once more find myself incredibly thankful that this woman has shared her life with me.

We’ve been married for 30+ years and yes, we each have annoying little quirks. When Sandy pulls out one of her many lists that demand certain chores be completed and completed now, I long ago learned the virtue of surrender. When I get started with some new idea that has excited me or have launched into one of my political rants Sandy too knows that I have become like the Borg and that resistance is futile.

These little annoyances are the very small price paid for a love and friendship that runs deep. Life has taken us into dark valleys, onto breathtaking mountaintops and all the mundane moments inbetween. We have deliberately cultivated our communication patterns, our emotional intelligence, and ways to resolve conflict fairly.

I can’t help feeling that the thing that really binds us together is, from my side, the fact that every night as I lay beside her I am filled with wonder that this incredible human being has chosen to share her life with me. It seems that with each new challenge life brings our way Sandy not only shows up but shows up with courage, love, tenderness and hope. Yes, some of these challenges have exacted a heavy toll, but a load we somehow manage to bear together.

There is no special occasion that has prompted this piece, just a need to put into words the admiration and gratitude I feel in my heart.


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Kelli Hughes

Beautiful words, Scott. And Sandy is a fortunate woman to have shared your life.


Such a lovely tribute. What a wonder and blessing when we can share our lives so deeply with another dear one! God is good!

Elizabeth jenner

Nicely put Scott. We are 58 years of marraige and can align ourselves with what you have said. We are so grateful to God for His presence and guidance in our lives. Five children who are all trusting the Lord, 16 grandchildren ( two of whom we have concerns,), and nine great grandchildren ( and still counting). We have much to tank God for. Praise Him.

Tabitha Horsley Noonan
Tabitha Horsley Noonan

You’re a beautiful man, Scott Higgins.

You are indeed both much beloved! That love will lasts even if one of you eventually has to pass on from this life. I experienced this truth when my soul mate died. This is what I wrote about this grief and loss come joy and gain: FAREWELL, BUT NEVER GOOD BYE! Andris Heks 1.09.2017 ‘Quantum entanglement means that two particles become inextricably linked so that whatever happens to one will automatically affect the other, no matter how far apart they are.’ Does this describe our relationship Vilma? Since you died two years ago dear soul mate, you have been in… Read more »
By Scott

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