So it turns out that pause in global warming was really no pause at all

One of the most repeated claims of climate  change sceptics is that over the past decade or so warming has either paused or  the rate of warming slowed dramatically.  It’s often their killer argument in their case against climate change “alarmism”. Take this from Andrew Bolt

The facts: i have pointed out that satellite measurements show no statistically significant warming of the Earth’s atmosphere for 18 years. This is against the predictions of almost every climate model. And I have noted that rationalisations for this failure of the atmosphere to warm as predicted (for instance, by claiming the missing heat is hiding in the ocean) is contested or in fact  contradicted by data.

Turns out that that warming has been hiding in the ocean.  Research published this week in Climate Change Nature shows that the oceans have been warming at a far more rapid rate than scientists previously thought. Indeed the research suggests that half the warming of the oceans since the Industrial Revolution has occurred in the last 18 years.

This is what happens when sceptics cling to gaps in what is otherwise a very consistent and clear scientific picture. Those gaps will get filled. So all sceptics, please, it’s time to give up the hiatus in global warming line.

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