The Best Christmas Present I Have Ever Given

In an effort to resist the consumer orgy that is Christmas, Sandy and I agreed we would not buy each other gifts this year, but we’d make a donation to charity. But not buying gifts for each other didn’t means not giving gifts to each other. With the assistance of modern technology I made a short film that opened and closed with images of Sandy and our family transitioning in and out. In the middle I inserted footage of the kids and I each taking a turn to share a memory of Sandy that expressed something of what she means to us.

After the kids opened their presents we all gathered in my study to  show Sandy the little movie we’d made. Production values weren’t high, but the emotional values were through the roof. There were tears all round as we celebrated the love we shared. Didn’t cost a cent but without a shadow of a doubt one gift that will live long in our memories.

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Linda Vogt Turner
6 years ago

Wow! Thanks for writing about your Show and Tell gift that you gave to your family and for reminding people, Christmas is about loving one another. Gift giving at Christmas adds pressure to show love for each other by buying gifts, Gary Chapman’s the Five Languages of Love is a book that helped me realize how there are some people who feel loved when people buy gifts for them. While others feel valued and loved when people they love help them of do something for them. Others feel loved when their loved ones spend quality time with them. Your Christmas… Read more »

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