New Year Affirmations

In place of New Year resolutions, this year I am proposing for myself five New Year affirmations.

1. Life is beautiful. Live joyfully.

Whether it be the grandeur of a sunrise, the company of friends, a good meal, or the embrace of my beloved, there is astonishing  beauty to be found in life. I want to enjoy it, to savour the simple pleasures to the full.

2. Life is difficult. Live with integrity.

Scott Peck begins his book The Road Less Travelled with the claim that accepting life is difficult is one of the most important things we can do. For me, 2014 will be a year of challenges, some of which I am aware of and some yet to prove an unpleasant surprise. What I aim to do is live with integrity through those challenges, to be someone who proves honest, kind, faithful.

3. Life is meaningful. Live with purpose.

Jesus calls me to “seek first the reign of God”. I want to make my life reflect this purpose. To really reflect it to the core

4. Life is shared. Live lovingly.

I share the planet with seven billion human beings and countless billions of other creatures. I want to live as if they matter, to be generous in sharing my wealth, to be just in my participation in the market, to be careful in my use of the earth’s resources, to be caring to those around me.

5. Life is a gift. Live thankfully.

I see life as a gift from my Creator. I want to live with a spirit of gratitude, in which I revere my God and treat each moment as precious.


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Donna Thomas
Donna Thomas
10 years ago

Hi Scott,

These are some really refreshing ways to consider new year’s resolutions, which I have realised create a lot of angst, because they are often such that it is difficult to keep them anyhow.

Thank you for your insight and wisdom. I pray that you cope with the challenges ahead for 2014, but that you also experience great blessing in your life, too.

God Bless,

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