The end of Scripture classes in school

The Victorian State government this weekend announced that special religious instruction in state schools will no longer be taught during class time, effectively killing off scripture classes in Victoria. I assume it is only a matter of time until this is the case across the nation. Special religious instruction is one of the last vestiges… Continue Reading

My deadpan face and God’s body language (or lack thereof)

After a recent meeting someone pulled me aside and asked if I was angry with him. I was surprised because not only was this person someone I liked and respected, but I wasn’t the least bit angry with him. After reassuring him that everything was good between us, it dawned on me what had occurred.… Continue Reading

Haters, Adam Goodes & the Elusiveness of Empathy

Life has a way of surprising us. In the last 12 months, as the symptoms of my Parkinsons have become more pronounced, I have experienced a deep generosity of spirit from family, friends and strangers. For many the default response to my disability has been empathy and a desire to help. One might hope for… Continue Reading

The good, the bad, the ugly. The ALP’s Refugee Platform

Refugee policy was the source of much contention that the recent national conference of the Australian Labor Party. Here is my scorecard: Increase the humanitarian intake to 27,000 by 2025. Rating: 6/10 90% of the world’s refugees are hosted by developing countries, many of whom are being overwhelmed with the number Jordan for example, has… Continue Reading

My day at IKEA, a symbol of hope or a sign of doom?

I am surrounded by a wall of sound. The low rumble of trolleys laden with meals, like whispered thunder. The chinking of cutlery on crockery. A cacophony of voices. Crying babies. Excited five-year-olds. Wearied parents. Lovestruck couples. Welcome to IKEA, where consumerism has become a form of recreation. It seems that for many going to… Continue Reading

Labor to continue turnbacks. Why this is a disappointing result

Over the weekend the Australian Labor Party made some welcome changes to its refugee policy. Numbers are to be increased under a Labor government to 27,000 and millions more invested in the UNHCR. There was however one unwelcome determination, and that was to not exclude turnbacks of boats of asylum seekers trying to reach our… Continue Reading

The Greek means… No it does not!

When I was at theological college I was at a gathering of young adults from my church when the discussion focused on the consumption of alcohol. This was a big taboo for Christians in my church tradition. One of the young adults had recently started attending a different church and confidently declared that when the… Continue Reading

What does the Bible teach about homosexuality? Five critical questions

In the past couple of months I have found myself involved in many discussions around a biblical approach to same-sex relationships. Not only is our Parliament to debate same-sex marriage, but some prominent Christian leaders, including Steve Chalke, Tony Campolo, and ethicist David Gushee have called for the church to change its mind on homosexuality.… Continue Reading

She’s Moving Out Today

On the weekend we helped our daughter Jess move into her own apartment. What a bittersweet experience! I am thrilled for her. She’s an amazing young woman, full of life and ready to take on the world. As we bought furniture, moved things old from our home and things old and new into her new… Continue Reading

A taste of resurrection

Parkinsons brings a lot of unwelcome firsts.Recently it was the first time I had to ask someone to cut up my meal. There were three of us out for lunch. A beautiful cut of meat lingered on my plate. The steak knife was sharp. But my tremor meant all I could manage was a constant… Continue Reading