• Hi,

    I would like to propose the link exchange deal with your website, for mutual benefit in getting more traffic and improve search engine’s ranking, absolutely no money involve.

    We will link to you from our Fashion and Health authority site –, from its homepage’s sidebar. In return you will agree to do the same to link back to one of our Immigration website based in Singapore, from your’s homepage too (sidebar, footer, or anywhere on your homepage), with our brand name Immigration Solutions Singapore.

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    Thank you,

  • Hi, Scott

    Just a quick note, re a typo, in the article about Pell – this paragraph:

    “But I dare not deny that shadows are found somewhere in all of us and need to be exposed before they lead us down paths that we never imagined we are capable.“

    needs an “of” at the end to make any sense; grammatically, “paths that we” should read “paths of which we”.

    Either way, the last line should end with “we were capable”.


    Suzanne Earley
    Freelance proofreader/copy editor

  • Hi Scott

    Just confirming the workshop is still on at Bel Air tomorrow and Saturday as I haven’t received any information, eg start time, program, etc.

    I have a meeting in Sydney tomorrow morning, which doesn’t finish until 10.00 am, so I won’t be able to get to Bel Air until around lunch time. I have already advised Daryl of this and he said it would be okay to miss the first half of tomorrow. I am planning on being there from lunch time onward tomorrow and all day on Friday.


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