This blog is an attempt to reflect critically upon my faith and life and to share what I am learning with anyone who might be interested.

Although the idea for a blog floated around my mind for some years, it was the 2011 diagnosis that I have Parkinsons disease that has spurred me on. At some stage in the next decade or so I will likely have to give up my job and I am hoping this blog will be one of the tools that will keep me in touch with the world, thinking about life and faith, keep my hand in the teaching ministry that I love and God seems to have used, and serve a vehicle for engaging thoughtfully with fellow travelers.

I live in Newcastle, NSW, Australia, with my wife Sandy and our three children and work as  a consultant, educator and writer,  with a particular focus upon social justice and ethics from a Christian faith-based perspective. I have had a lifelong passion to follow Jesus and attempt to do so in a thoughtful way. I am committed to engaging my world, culture, church, relationships, values, lifestyle and beliefs as a follower of Jesus. I am continually learning what this means and find the journey both thrilling and challenging.

I worked for Baptist World Aid Australia for 10 years. Prior to this I served as Pastor of Edgeworth Baptist Church, which meant being involved in planting and growing  the church for eleven years, and before that served as youth pastor at Caringbah Baptist Church, which also happened to be the church I grew up in.

I gained my undergraduate degree in theology from Moore Theological College, Sydney; my Masters in Theology through Morling Theological College, Sydney; and a Graduate Certificate in Social Change and Development from Newcastle University, Newcastle Australia.

I enjoy reading, thinking critically about life and faith, boating (both powerboats and sail) and hanging out with my family and friends.

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