“Blessed are the hungry. Woe to you who are rich” The Key to Understanding Poverty & Wealth in the Bible


For many years I puzzled over the bible’s teaching on poverty and wealth. Why were Jesus and the prophets so down on wealthy people? Why was poverty so commonly framed as a justice issue? Why the singling out of widows and orphans? It all came together when I learned the significance of land. The biblical world was marked by wide scale peasant agriculture. This meant that the majority of...

How to Ensure Financial Success Doesn’t Turn Into Spiritual Failure


I recently listened to a talk by American businessman Alan Barnhardt in which he described his determination that his financial success not turn into spiritual failure. He had poured over the teachings of Jesus during his college years and saw that wealth was described as a spiritual health hazard. When he took over a modest family business his solution was to set an income cap and give away...

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