Protect the unborn and slaughter your enemies. The bizarre inconsistency of the US right


Later this month US Republican senator Rick Santorum is expected to declare his candidacy for the presidency of the United States.  Speaking this week at the South Carolina Freedom Summit,  a self-declared Conservative event, Santorum spoke of ISIS  and the approach the United States should take to combating them: If these people want to bring back a 7th-century version of Islam … then let’s load...

Never Trust the Bastards. A Reflection On Anzac Day


Among the living lay the dead. As we dug ourselves in, we found them in layers stacked on top of one another. One company after another had been shoved into the drum-fire and steadily annihilated. Ernst Junger, German officer I came across the quote and photo above on Flickr. Each is a graphic, horrific reminder of what war does. It’s easy on a day like Anzac Day to focus on what is good...

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