Prayers to Allah, the Tears of Slaves, and the Playground of Superstars. Day 2 in Turkey


Istanbul is a heady mix of the ancient and modern, of the religious and the secular. My day began with a visit to the famous Blue Mosque. Four hundred years old it is a very impressive structure. Massive columns support a multiply domed roof that is designed to evoke a sense of the greatness of the universe. Throughout the visit there are constant reminders that this is a revered place of worship...

Con Jobs, Breathtaking Buildings and Apple Tea. Day 1 in Turkey


After twenty-four hours in the air, Sydney to KL, KL to Istanbul I arrived in Turkey. I am here for a conference but have come a couple of days early in order to see some of the city of Istanbul. My motel is in the “old city”, a beautiful network of narrow, cobbled streets and old buildings. A short walk and I’m in the tourist precinct. The attractions are a series of old...

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