Dark Energy, Quantum Physics and Demons. Do You Have to Be an Idiot to Believe in Malevolent Spirits?


Dark energy is a strange reality. We know it’s there, but we can’t see it. Scientists try to measure it; it defies their instruments; but they know it’s there. It makes up 75% of the universe and is a key reason the galaxies continue to rush apart. But it’s a mystery. There are many things it could be, but precisely is the subject of speculation. Dark energy reminds me...

Meeting the Spirit Caster


The realm of spirits is not one I have had much to do with, but last night I heard a story that sounds like it came straight off the pages of the New Testament. I am in the far north of Cambodia visiting some community development projects. We have been transported by tractor along a dusty dirt track to the edge of the Sekong river, then to the village on the other side by raft. The sun is...

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