It’s Not About Us


Does it blow your mind that the image you are looking at is 28 million years old? Well, not the image precisely – that was taken by the hubble telescope just a few years ago – but the moment it captures. The Sombrero Galaxy is 28 million light years from earth. That means it takes 28 million years for the light it emits to reach us. So when the Hubble telescope  snaps a picture we’re seeing...

People Who Have Left a Mark on My Life: Reg


I’ve only ever preached one sermon that somebody walked out on. It was the early nineties, I was in my early twenties and fresh out of theological college. I was preaching on the Lord’s Supper from 1 Corinthians 11. As a child I had heard the words of this text read hundreds of times. At each communion service came the solemn reminder, “whoever partakes unworthily east and...

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