All we have are the fingerprints of an elusive God


Any God that is a spirit will be elusive, knowable only by her “fingerprints”. She may well act in my life and world, but I will only ever see the effects of her action, never her. When I gaze at the rich hues of the setting sun I choose to see the creative genius who called forth the laws of physics. Her fingerprints are all over it, but it is the fading sun I see, not her. When my...

It’s Not About Us


Does it blow your mind that the image you are looking at is 28 million years old? Well, not the image precisely – that was taken by the hubble telescope just a few years ago – but the moment it captures. The Sombrero Galaxy is 28 million light years from earth. That means it takes 28 million years for the light it emits to reach us. So when the Hubble telescope  snaps a picture we’re seeing...

Enough of God Doing Extraordinary Things. My God Works in Very Ordinary Ways


When I was pastoring I would regularly receive Christian junk mail inviting me to this conference or that event where God was going to do something “awesome”, “extraordinary” or “new”. This conference or event would be a gamechanger that would see my church and I enter a new phase in which mindblowing things would happen. I longed to receive a flyer that...

Our Father


Jesus invites us to relate to God as "our Father". In this sermon series we explore what this means. In the latest sermon, March 4 2012, we ask what it is for God to be our disciplining Father.

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