Genesis and Gender. On the Over-reading of a Biblical Text


The creation narratives of Genesis 1 and 2 are the subject of intense discussion regarding gender. Where Genesis 1 demonstrates the commonality between men and women – both are created in God’s image – ¬†Genesis 2 is commonly thought to emphasise the differences, or complementarity, between men and women: the man is created from the dust of the earth where the woman is created...

Storylines: Genesis 12-50. God’s Orientation to the World


What will God do now? That’s the question swimming in our heads when we get to the end of Genesis chapter 11. ¬†In eleven brilliantly constructed chapters the writer of Genesis sums up the human predicament: created to construct communities of faith, justice, generosity and grace as we multiply and fill God’s earth, we instead create communities of faithlessness, injustice, greed and...

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