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How much more would you pay for a football to make sure it wasn’t made by child labour?


Today’s Sydney Morning Herald published research showing children in India are stitching footballs for two of Australia’s biggest sportsball brands, Sherrin and Canterbury . For their efforts the children miss out on schooling, their eyesight is deteriorating, their backs ache and their hands are frequently cut and infected. They earn around 50-60 rupees a day, which equates to AUS$0...

I am Complicit


Watching the video I felt sick. It showed the plight of child miners in Tanzania. Terrified young children sent down poorly constructed tunnels doing backbreaking and dusty work; children robbed of the opportunity to attend school; robbed of the present opportunity to enjoy the carefree play of childhood; and robbed of their future. The video then  cuts to a  luxurious jewellery centre, selling...

Infographic on Child Labour


I ran a workshop on child labour last week and was prompted to make this infographic. The situation is disgraceful. Check out the infographic and consider doing something practical in response. Head over to Baptist World Aid Australia, learn about the brilliant child centred community development program and sponsor a child to support the program.


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