She’s Moving Out Today


On the weekend we helped our daughter Jess move into her own apartment. What a bittersweet experience! I am thrilled for her. She’s an amazing young woman, full of life and ready to take on the world. As we bought furniture, moved things old from our home and things old and new into her new home, it was lovely to see her excitement. Setting up a new life in a new city, making new friends, exploring new places, discovering new things about herself and her world. It will be, I hope, an incredible experience for her.

I will miss her. I will miss the raucous laughter, the daily doses of her beaming smile, the reflective conversations about matters great and small, her sense of style, the spontaneous outbreaks of joy, the midnight maccas runs, staying up late waiting for her to get home, the knowledge of what she is doing each day, being there to debrief on her day.

It’s time like these parenting is simultaneously its best and worst. It’s incredibly rewarding to see who she’s become and to see her stepping into this new phase. I am looking forward to what this new stage in our relationship will bring, but I am loathe to say goodbye to the stage that’s passed. Goodbye dear friend. Hello new friend. Pleased to meet you.


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She’s Moving Out Today

By Scott

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